Everything You Need to Know about Warframe's Orokin Cells

Introduction: What is Orokin Cell Warframe?

Orokin Cell Warframe is one of the most popular weapons in the game with its unique and highly effective ability.

The Orokin were a group of scientists that were experimenting with ways to control and manipulate biology for war. They succeeded in creating technology that could alter DNA and create synthetic organisms, which led them to develop the orokin blueprint - a document containing blueprints for technologies they could use. The blueprints would be passed down through generations, carefully guarded by their descendants, until they reached this point - where they are now used by Tenno as a source of power.

What is an Orokin Cell and How Does it Actually Work?

The Orokin Cell is a cell-like object that is available in the Warframe game. These cells are made up of an orb and a membrane, with the orb being the core component of the orokin cell.

The orokin cell begins to work immediately upon contact with water, which activates the membrane and releases an element called "Orokin Reactant" into its surroundings. This element was discovered by a scientist known as 'Doctor Tatsu' who created them during her research on how to create life. The reactant's primary purpose is to bind with elements such as metals in order to produce energy.

An orokin cell can only be activated when it has been submerged into water for at least 30 seconds. The reactant will then automatically begin to bind with certain elements present within the water, and as a result of this reaction, new elements will be produced.

New elements that are created by this reaction include pure energy. This newly formed energy is what activates the orokin cell's primary purpose - to provide power.

How to Get Orokin Cells warframe?

Earning or finding an orokin cell is a very difficult process, as it requires a player to have already acquired a very rare and valuable item known as "Orokin Catalyst" in order to make one. Typically this catalyst is used to activate orokin cells, although some players decide to sell them for more platinum, the game's primary currency.

A catalyst can be obtained from a special event known as "The Cicero Crisis" that can be played on a daily basis. Platinum earned from this event is doubled, and players who complete the event are awarded with a catalyst for their efforts. However, it cannot be used to create orokin cells by itself, which is why it requires an orokin cell in order to activate it.

Warframe and the New Warframe Prime Update- How to Get O-K Cells?

In the latest update, Warframe has introduced a new Prime Mode which allows players to transform into Prime Warframes that can do more damage, gain more shields and generate more heat.

So how can you get O-K Cells? Well, this is easy! You just need to find the O-K Cells located in the world of warframe. They are scattered throughout levels and will help you unlock all new abilities and weapons in prime mode. However, you will have to be quick about it because these cells are temporary!

The update also features a series of missions for players to participate in and earn some O-K Cells along the way.

Conclusion: Everything You Need To Know About Getting O-K Cells

It is not easy to get O-K cells in Warframe. They are rare and hard to acquire. However, it is definitely possible to do so. This guide will tell you all the steps that you need to follow.

O-K cells are very powerful in the game of Warframe. They can be used for many things such as crafting or equipment upgrades and creating new items. Knowing how to get them will definitely make your gaming experience better!

There are six different methods that can be used for getting O-K cells:

1) Buying them from a vendor

2) Extracting them from Cephalon Simaris

3) Purchasing them from the Market

4) Getting infusion slots on your weapons or Warframes