Efficient House Set Up in OSRS

First of all, you want a open house with a cooking range and a fireplace. Be sure your house is on Yanille or near Yanille so you can easily access the bank. Put your Range in the top right corner, as there are no corners next to doors in OSRS. Next put your furniture as if you were building a normal house. Put your range on the top row and your doors one square next to it and then opposite of that put one more square and that's where the fireplaces go.

Next, put down two tables opposite of each other on both sides of your roof. And on those tables place four chairs all facing towards the range. When players sit in these chairs they have a great view of your cooking area and are able to easily cook, bank, or use the range for other things.

Now put your Banker down on the opposite side of Yanille (Or wherever you can initially get to) and make sure he is up against the wall. Next put a table out from the wall with a chair on each side of it. You may have to move your house or bank location depending on where you decide to put this table. But, as long as you have a little space between them and they are against the wall you can easily use either your banker or range with no problem.

The first step to a more efficient house is to have the right tools

You will need a Ring of Duelling (8), Seer's headband 4, Explorer ring 4, Amulet of Glory (4), Spotted cape (3) and Boots of lightness.

As your range is in the top right corner, line up your Amulet of glory to be two spaces away from the left corner or one space away from the wall and put your Spotted cape next to it. This allows you to cook Sharks without banking, as well as teleporting around the map at a moments notice.

Next, take off any extra stats from your Seer's Head Band or Explorer Ring that you don't need and replace them with cooking ones. Make sure you have a few spare for when you're cooking Sharks.

Now, take off your boots of lightness and replace them with Boots of wool (4). This allows you to make more fires which leads to faster cook times and more xp gained.

How to move house osrs

Now for your charming imp, put him in the bottom left corner and put a table out from that wall with a chair on either side of it. You can then move your house location to be close to this table and keep your items there in the event you need to access them quickly. Plus, if you have a normal house already set up, you can easily dump your items there and then teleport back to your efficient house.

If it is not feasible to place your imp here or if you don't need him for summoning, put him next to the range on the 2nd row. This will allow easy access for teleporting out as well as cooking sharks/other fish.

When you are setting up your house, make sure you have all of the necessary items for cooking and crafting your fish

You should have a minimum of a Woodcutting Axe, Hammer, Tinderbox, and 1-5 Planks depending on how many fires you need to make.

If you plan on banking your items either by walk or by home tele then go ahead and grab your Rubber tube from your bank as well as at least one extra coil of rope.

If you plan on using your house as a home, then go ahead and grab an Axe, Hammer, Tinderbox, Chisel, Rope, Spade/Shovel to break the soil with.

Finally if you have money left over feel free to buy some extra planks or flax for stringing bows you get from hunting.

This is the most efficient way to set up a house in OSRS and will allow you to reach level 99 Cooking, Fishing, Firemaking, Crafting, Smithing and Fletching all in one house. Plus, allows easy access for teleports across Gielinor with your Amulet of Glory(4) and Ring of Duelling(8).


The house set up in this article was made for fast and efficient training. We hope you enjoyed! If you did, please leave a comment below or continue the conversation on one of our social media sites.